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Selected Journal Articles:

“On S’En Câlisse, La Loi Speciale: The Music Festival that Wasn’tWi: Journal of Mobile Media, (2012).

“An Urban Physiognomy of the 1964 Kitty Genovese Murder,” Space & Culture 14:3 (2011), 310-329.

The Physiognomic Turn,” International Journal of Communication 4 (2010): 1-6.

“Trauma Training and the Reparative Work of Journalism.Cultural Studies 24:4 (2010): 447-477.

“Sarah Palin, Sexual Anomalies and Historical Analogues.Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies 4:3 (November 2008).

Risky Assignments: Sexing “Security” in Hostile Environment Reporting.” Feminist Media Studies 7:3 (2007), 257-279.

Victims’ Rights and the Struggle over Crime in the Media.” Canadian Journal of Communication, 32:2 (2007), 239-259.

Review Essay: Militarized Media at War and at Home.” The Communication Review 9:1(2006), 143-154,

“Introduction: States of Insecurity and the Gendered Politics of Fear” (co-authored with Carol A. Stabile)National Women’s Studies Association Journal 17:3 (2005), vii-xxv.

Witnessing: U.S. Citizenship and the Vicarious Experience of Suffering.Media, Culture and Society 26:2 (2004), 296-304.

“Designing Fear: Environmental Security and Violence against Women” Cultural Studies: A Research Annual 5 (2000), 281-307.

Women’s Self-Defense: Physical Education for Everyday Life.Women’s Studies Quarterly 26:1 (1999), 152-161.

Selected Chapters in Edited Books:

From Danger to Trauma: Affective Labor and the Journalistic Discourse of Witness.” In Media Witnessing: Testimony in the Age of Mass Communication, ed. Paul Frosh and Amit Pinchevski.  Palgrave Macmillan (2009), pp. 152-175.

“Securing Profits.” In Collective Action: A Bad Subjects Anthology, ed. Joel Schalit and Megan Shaw Prelinger. London: Pluto Press (2004), pp. 198-205.

“Designing Fear: How Environmental Security Protects Property at the Expense of People.” In Foucault, Cultural Studies and Governmentality, eds. Jack Bratich, Jeremy Packer and Cameron McCarthy. Albany: SUNY Press (2003), pp. 243-272.

“Expanding the Definition of Media Activism.” In Blackwell Companion to Media Studies, ed. Angharad Valdivia. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishers (2003), pp. 529-547.

Bad Subjects:

The Confederate Flag in East Montreal,” Bad Subjects #74 (January 2006).

United We Stand: Fresh Hoagies Daily,” with Carol Stabile and Jonathan Sterne, Bad Subjects #59 (February 2002).

Securing Profits,” Bad Subjects #48 (March 2000).

Perpetrate My Fist: Women’s Self-Defense as Physical Education for Everyday Life,” Bad Subjects #22 (October 1995).